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Wicked The Musical Broadway 2023 Tickets

Wicked The Musical, takes you through the life journey of two girls (witches).One is born with the emerald green skin, is smart but hugely misunderstood. Other is beautiful, determined and appreciated by all. The two had extremely opposite personalities yet become friends. They ended up having a Love-hate relationship while living together as college roommates. The story of the musical is based on best selling novel by George Maguire and is a reimaging of classic story by L Frank Baum "The wonderful wizard of Oz". It takes you through the land of OZ from the perspective of a Wicked Witch. How she finds the world around her, people's reactions interpreted by the person who is dejected by all and the way she deals with everything.

WICKED is currently playing on tour in East Lansing, MI and moves to Houston, TX

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Play is full of astonishing and wonderful moments. Set transition from one scene to another is in smooth flow, you will enjoy the scenes from the school's classroom to amazingly strange Emerald city, from the beautiful ball room to the dark dungeon. It is a must watch for all those who wish to perceive and understand things from not-so-conventional angle. It is a story of Elphaba, future Wicked Witch of the West and her relationship with Good Witch of the North, Glinda.

Wicked was opened for a pre-Broadway show on May 28, 2003 at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. Lyrics and music of Wicked was by Stephen Schwartz and the musical staging was taken care by Wayne Cilento. Eugene Lee, Tony Award-winning designer, created a set and visual style for the production. The play's lighting engineer Kenneth Posner used more than 800 individual lights to give the unique feeling and mood to all the scenes. The trial run finished on June 29 and after minor transformations play was set out on Broadway on 30 October, 2003. Wicked is a all time hit in the Box Office and has made record sales around the world. The play's success led it to several nominations in Tony Awards in 2004. WICKED is an amazing drama that asks us to look at both sides of the coin inorder to understand why one suffers for the good of another. Wicked is entertaining, exciting, and even helps to explain the Wizard of Oz better for the entire audience.

Given the darkness and complexity of the subject matter and the length of the performance (2 hours and 45 minutes), it's not appropriate for those younger than 8.

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