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Wicked The Musical Tickets 2015 2016

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Wicked The Musical Tickets 2015 2016

Wicked The Musical - If you think you know the two iconic witches from Oz - the Wicked Witch (Elphaba) and the Good Witch (Glinda) - think again. How these two unlikely friends end up as the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the good Witch makes for the most spellbinding new musical in years. Wicked The Musical takes a revisionist look at an American icon of evil and discovers how the young Elphaba, a passionate, committed young woman from Oz, becomes the Wicked Witch of the West.

Wicked Tour 2015 Premium Seats

Wicked Performance Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes, plus a 15-minute intermisson.
Premium seats are available for most performances. Click here for availability of Wicked Premium Seats.

WICKED is currently playing on tour in Louisville, KY and moves to Saint Louis, MO

Discounted Wicked Musical Tickets 2015

Six Drama Desk Award winner "Wicked The Musical" is a must watch for all those who wish to understand the alternative viewpoints! It is a spellbinding story of the good and the bad. It helps you to have an insight of reality from the different angle. The play lets us to the dark side of the beautiful land of OZ, where you can see the slave labor, oppression and suffering. We offer Low Prices on Wicked The Musical Tickets 2015. Order now for your favourite event.

No longer is the Wicked Witch a mean-spirited, bitter green character of the Wizard of Oz and no longer is Gilda the gentle good witch who guides Dorothy on her home. "Wicked The Musical Tickets" offers reexamination of the true intentions and driving forces behind the wonderful, magical world. The back story to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz explores the jealousies between Elphaba and Glinda, the Good Witch, that escalate in school and the ultimate friendship between the two as the forces of the corrupt government pit them against each other. Given the darkness and complexity of the subject matter and the length of the performance (2 hours and 45 minutes), it's not appropriate for those younger than 8.

The music score for the show is sure to bring back childhood memories from the childhood film classic Wizard of Oz and the breakout role for Judy Garland with a thematic score that reminds one of a film more than a Broadway show.

The Musical Wicked is playing in standing productions in New York City on Broadway (Wicked , Gershwin Theatre); and in London GL (Wicked , Apollo Victoria Theatre).

Wicked on Stage - Standing Productions:
             New York Broadway
             London GL

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Wicked The Musical Tour 2015 2016 Tickets - Schedule and Dates

November 18 to December 06, 2015 Louisville, KY Louisville Wicked Tickets
Dec 09, 2015 to Jan 03, 2016 Saint Louis, MO Saint Louis Wicked Tickets
January 06 to January 31, 2016 Charlotte, NC Charlotte Wicked Tickets
February 03 to February 14, 2016 Springfield, MO Springfield Wicked Tickets
February 17 to March 06, 2016 Costa Mesa, CA Costa Mesa Wicked Tickets
March 09 to April 16, 2016 San Francisco, CA San Francisco Wicked Tickets
April 20 to May 22, 2016 Dallas, TX Dallas Wicked Tickets
May 25 to June 19, 2016 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Wicked Tickets
June 22 to July 03, 2016 Birmingham, AL Birmingham Wicked Tickets
July 06 to August 14, 2016 Houston, TX Houston Wicked Tickets
Aug 17 to Sep 04, 2016 Columbus, OH Columbus Wicked Tickets
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Wicked The Musical Tour 2015 2016 Tickets

The story grows more interesting and to enhance your interest, We have some hot seats for you in all theaters where Wicked musical perform. Buy Wicked Tour 2015 Tickets for all theaters hosting this play. We have 2015 tour tickets for wicked that you are looking for. Whether you’re looking for tickets for wicked in New York, Wicked Louisville KY Tickets, Wicked Tickets London GL, Wicked Costa Mesa CA Tickets, Wicked Charlotte NC Tickets, Wicked New Orleans LA Tickets, Wicked Springfield MO Tickets, Wicked Saint Louis MO Tickets, Wicked Houston TX 2016 Tickets or simply looking for Broadway tickets for wicked, in that case, you are at the best site that offers wicked premium tickets for all theaters. So don’t delay and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the other side of Oz. Don’t miss Wicked the Musical - Buy Wicked The Musical Tour 2015 2016 Tickets Online NOW.

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Wicked Tickets by City

London, GL
New York, NY
Louisville, KY
Saint Louis, MO
Charlotte, NC
Springfield, MO
Costa Mesa, CA
San Francisco, CA
Dallas, TX
New Orleans, LA
Birmingham, AL
Houston, TX
Columbus, OH

Oakland, CA
Wichita, KS
Sydney, Australia
Oberhausen, Germany
Brisbane, Australia
Eugene, OR
Washington, DC
Saskatoon, SK
Peoria, IL
Jacksonville, FL
Fort Myers, FL
North Charleston, SC
East Lansing, MI
Ottawa, ON
Mobile, AL
Montreal, Canada
Kitchener, Canada
Schenectady, NY
Syracuse, NY
Honolulu, HI
Tampa, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Orlando, FL
Tucson, AZ
Rochester, NY
Kalamazoo, MI
South Bend, IN
Philadelphia, PA
Toledo, OH
Boston, MA
Oklahoma City, OK
Little Rock, AR
Minneapolis, MN
Des Moines, IA
Indianapolis, IN
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Providence, RI
Buffalo, NY
Pittsburgh, PA
Memphis, TN
Appleton, WI
Austin, TX
Cincinnati, OH
San Antonio, TX
Fresno, CA
Nashville, TN
Boise, ID
Richmond, VA
Omaha, NE
Spokane, WA
Sacramento, CA
Vancouver, BC
Tulsa, OK
Edmonton, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta
Salt Lake City, UT
Winnipeg, MB
San Jose, CA
Albuquerque, NM
Toronto ON, Canada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hartford, CT
San Diego, CA
Norfolk, VA
Detroit, MI
Durham, NC
Greenville, SC
Atlanta, GA
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
Baltimore, MD
Dayton, OH
El Paso, TX
Denver, CO
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Tempe, AZ
Kansas City, MO
Madison, WI
Milwaukee, WI

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