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WICKED Musical currently playing on tour in Denver, CO (till Aug. 25) and moves to San Francisco, CA (from Aug. 28) LOST creator J.J. Abrams is one of several possible directors to have been meeting with Stephen Schwartz, creator of the hit Broadway show “Wicked”, about an upcoming movie adaptation, Collider reports.

While the other potential candidates, among them Rob Marshall, James Mangold, and “Glee”’s Ryan Murphy, are already known for their musical direction, Abrams has never before directed a musical himself. A “Wicked” film has been in the works for a long time, but Universal is only recently actively beginning to work toward production in light of Disney’s upcoming Oz remake and Sam Raimi’s “The Great and Powerful Oz.”

What do you think about an Abrams-directed “Wicked”, musical theatre (and book!) lovers? Personally, I find the possibility fantastic and would love to see the kind of darker, more complex touch he would give to the family-friendly show, already adapted for the stage from Gregory Maguire’s best-selling and undeniably adult novel.

Hope to see the movie start early…


2 Responses to “J.J. Abrams under consideration to direct ‘Wicked’ musical film adaptation”

  1. Raquel Burgett Says:

    I think that a dark twist to the movie would make for a fantastic combination of the show and the book. The show is wonderful however it does stray from the book, which is neccessary to give the crowd the experience stephen schwartz was going for. The book is much less happy and coincides with the original wizard of Oz almost flawlessly…a compromise of the two would make an outstanding film.

  2. Cheap Wicked Tickets Says:

    Mr.J.J Abrams is actually one of the perfect choice as a director of the musical Wicked.He directed Mission: Impossible III and Star Trek which are proven successful in movie history.

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Buy Tickets to see Wicked!

Buy Tickets to see Wicked!