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WICKED Musical currently playing on tour in Toronto, ON (till July 21) and moves to Denver, CO (from July 24)

Wicked 2nd National Touring Company – Current Cast

Elphaba: Christine Dwyer

Glinda: Jeanna de Waal

Fiyero: Billy Harrigan Tighe

The Wizard: Paul Kreppel

Madame Morrible: Gina Ferrall

Nessarose: Zarah Mahler

Boq: Michael Wartella

Dr. Dillamond: Jay Russell

Chistery: Dashí Mitchell

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official: Wayne Schroder

Witch’s Mother: Kerry Blanchard

Midwife: Jane Brockman

Standby Elphaba: Alyssa Fox

Standby Glinda: N/A

Ensemble: Kerry Blanchard, Jane Brockman, Bridie Carroll, Michael Drolet, Anna Eilinsfeld, Ryan Patrick Farrell, Samantha Farrow, Natalie Fotopoulous, Zach Hensler, Joel Ingram, Jillian Kates, Sam Lips, Marissa Miller, Dashí Mitchell, Amy Quanbeck, Jay Reynolds Jr., Wayne Schroder, Justin Wirick

Elphaba Understudy: Anna Eilinsfeld

Glinda Understudy: Marissa Miller, Jillian Kates

Fiyero Understudies: Sam Lips, Joel Ingram

The Wizard Understudies: Peter C. Ermides, Wayne Schroder

Madame Morrible Understudies: Jane Brockman, Bridie Carroll

Nessarose Understudies: Lauren Haughton, Anna Eilinsfeld

Boq Understudies: Michael Drolet, Jay Reynolds Jr.

Dr. Dillamond Understudies: Peter C. Ermides, Wayne Schroder

Chistery Understudies: Ryan Partrick Farrell, Ryan Jackson, Dominic Giudici, Todd Anderson, Kevin Jordan

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official Understudies: Peter C. Ermides, Joel Ingram

Witch’s Mother Understudies: Sterling Masters, Becca Kloha, Kelly Lafarga

Midwife Understudies: Lauren Haughton, Sterling Masters, Becca Kloha, Tess Ferrell, Kelly Lafarga

Swings: Peter C. Ermides, Lauren Haughton, Ryan Jackson, Becca Kloha

Dance Captains/Swings: Dominic Giudici, Sterling Masters

{Source Innuendo & Outuendo}

Wicked 2nd National Touring Company Currently playing in Saint Louis, MO through January 06, 2013 and moves to Tampa, FL from January 09 to January 27, 2013.

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Buy Tickets to see Wicked!

Buy Tickets to see Wicked!