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WICKED currently playing on tour in Louisville, KY and then will move to Nashville, TN

Everything you’ve heard about Wicked is true; it’s an awe-inspiring stage spectacle filled with special effects, gorgeous sets and lighting, exquisite costumes, an amazingly gifted cast, a glorious musical score and an immensely entertaining, yet slightly irreverent (perhaps even a little subversive) script. It also has plot points so broad that you could drive a freight train through them, but if you’re willing to suspend disbelief and allow yourself to become totally immersed in the phenomenon, you can’t help but walk away tremendously satisfied, humming those wonderful tunes and having a sort of “which came first: the chicken or the egg” debate with your companions.

This Tony Award-winning, internationally acclaimed, fanaticism-inducing stage phenomenon Wicked, sat down at TPAC last week for a three-week run in Andrew Jackson Hall.

The story itself is truly the stuff of musical theatre legend: Two young women (named Elphaba and Galinda) meet in college, find themselves instantly at odds with each other, only to become fast friends, fall for the same boy and realize their own potential. Then all hell breaks loose. Seriously, the story (at first blush) is that simple, but in Wicked‘s multi-faceted retelling, the layers of emotion and genuine affection make it more complex and compelling, particularly given the knowledge that those two girls ultimately become The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch.

Wicked. Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Book by Winnie Holzman. Directed by Joe Mantello. Musical staging by Wayne Cilento. Orchestrations by William David Brohn. Music supervision by Stephen Oremus. At Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall. Through September 20. For tickets, visit the website at TicketMaster.


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Buy Tickets to see Wicked!

Buy Tickets to see Wicked!