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Under the direction of governor andrew cuomo, wicked the musical suspended all performances through june 07, 2020 in support of the health & well-being of the public. Performances are scheduled to resume in june 2020. Those holding tickets for performances now through june 07, 2020 should contact their point of purchase for a refund or an exchange.

WICKED will play on tour in Des Moines, IA and moves to Hartford, CT

Wicked Broadway Company – Current Cast:

Elphaba: Jackie Burns

Glinda: Alli Mauzey

Fiyero: Kyle Dean Massey

The Wizard: Adam Grupper

Madame Morrible: Randy Danson

Nessarose: Catherine Charlebois

Boq: F. Michael Haynie

Dr. Dillamond: Tom Flynn

Chistery: Mark Shunky

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official: Michael DeVries

Witch’s Mother: Kristen Gorski-Wergeles

Midwife: Kathy Santen

Standby Elphaba: Donna Vivino

Standby Glinda: Tiffany Haas

Ensemble: Nova Bergeron, Jerad Bortz, Kristina Fernandez, Kristen Gorski-Wergeles, David Hull, Jesse J.P. Johnson, Brandon Leffler, Colby Q. Lindeman, Jonathan McGill, Vicki Noon, Lindsay K. Northen, Rhea Patterson, Eddie Pendergraft, Alexander Quiroga, Kathy Santen, Adam Sanford, Michael DeVries, Mark Shunkey, Heather Spore, Brian Wanee, Betsy Werbel, Robin Wilner

Elphaba Understudy: Vicki Noon

Glinda Understudy: Lindsay K. Northen, Heather Spore

Fiyero Understudy: Jerad Bortz

The Wizard Understudy: Brian Munn, Michael DeVries

Madame Morrible Understudy: Kathy Santen, Betsy Werbel

Nessarose Understudy: Alicia Albright, Jenny Florkowski

Boq Understudy: Eddie Pendergraft, Jesse J.P. Johnson

Dr. Dillamond Understudy: Brian Munn, Michael DeVries

Chistery Understudy: Jonathan Warren, Brian Wanee, Kevin Jordan, Todd Anderson, Nicky Venditti

Witch’s Father/Ozian Offical Understudy: Brian Munn, Alexander Quiroga

Witch’s Mother Understudy: Robin Wilner, Alicia L. Albright, Kelly Lafarga

Midwife Understudy: Robin Wilner, Alicia L. Albright, Jenny Florkowski, Tess Ferrell, Kelly Lafarga

Swings: Brian Munn, Jenny Florkowski

Dance Captains: Alicia L. Albright, Jonathan Warren

{Source: Innuendo & Outuendo}

Wicked Broadway is a standing production at Gershwin Theatre. Buy Wicked New York Broadway Tickets Online – SAVE $10 when you spend $350 or more, Use code AFF$10.


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Buy Tickets to see Wicked!

Buy Tickets to see Wicked!