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Six Years Later And Wicked Is Still Going Strong

Who would have thought that a show that didn’t get very good reviews would not only still be running but turn out to be one of the most successful shows in Broadway history? I am of course talking about Wicked. The show which celebrated it’s sixth year on Broadway just last week continues to sell out nightly at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway. Not only that but it continues to break box office records at theatres all around the world.

I saw the show during it’s preview period in 2003 and while I enjoyed it I never expected it to become the phenomenon that is has become. I don’t think anybody did. Every year there are rumblings about them turning the show into a movie but I think it would be wise to wait a few more years. A movie is not going to make them sell any more tickets than they already have. Regardless Wicked is here to stay. It is Broadway’s most “Popular” show after all. Get your tickets to see Wicked at a theatre near you.

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Buy Tickets to see Wicked!

Buy Tickets to see Wicked!