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WICKED, the hit Broadway musical, broke record after record during its three week ( October 21-November 8 ) Wichita engagement, becoming the most successful touring Broadway musical in the history of Wichita—and the State of Kansas. More about Wicked The Musical Current Tour.

WICKED, the hit Broadway musical, broke record after record during its three week Wichita engagement, becoming the most successful touring Broadway musical in the history of Wichita—and the State of Kansas. The Theater League’s October 21-November 8 Century II presentation of the blockbuster hit enthralled some 45,000 theater patrons and contributed more than $6 million to the local economy.

“The response was amazing,” explained Theater League president Mark Edelman. “No one has ever seen anything like it. And the economic impact of the show came as a most welcome shot in the arm for the entire community.”

The WICKED Company’s actors, musicians and support staff contributed more than $125,000 to the area’s hotel and restaurant trade during their three week stay in Wichita, according to GoWichita sources. Another $250,000 in local jobs were created as hundreds of stagehands, hair and make up artists, musicians, security personnel and related staff were enlisted in the WICKED effort. City and State government benefitted from tens of thousands of dollars in improvements to the theater necessary to accommodate WICKED.

WichitaTix, Century II’s ticket office, logged sales calls from more than thirty-seven states, including Alaska. The show’s pre-show lottery—at which a limited number of tickets were made available for $25— had one of its biggest turn-outs, according to Company representatives, with upwards of three hundred people waiting for the specially-priced admissions. “We had patrons from as far away as Chile and Canada waiting for lottery tickets,” added Karen Yuhasz, Theater League presentation manager.

All over the Wichita metro area, restaurants and other retail outlets saw huge increases in sales during the show’s exclusive engagement. “Thanks to WICKED, our Harvest Kitchen and Bar achieved revenue numbers not seen since its opening in October 2008,” shared the Hyatt’s Director of Sales and Marketing Aaron Bastable.

“I was talking to a sales rep at GoWichita,” continued Edelman. “She was on the phone with a meeting planner from Florida who was looking at the Wichita CVB’s website. When the planner saw the show’s logo, she said ‘If you’ve got WICKED playing, Wichita is the kind of town our meeting wants.’ Those are the kinds of stories we’re hearing about what an impact WICKED had on Wichita these last three weeks.

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Buy Tickets to see Wicked!

Buy Tickets to see Wicked!