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WICKED currently playing on tour in Louisville, KY and then will move to Nashville, TN

Wicked 1st National Touring Company – Current Cast

Elphaba: Dee Roscioli

Glinda: Patti Murin

Fiyero: Cliffton Hall

The Wizard: Tom McGowan

Madame Morrible: Kim Zimmer

Nessarose: Demaree Hill

Boq: Justin Brill

Dr. Dillamond: Clifton Davis

Chistery: Ben Susak

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official: Kevin McMahon

Witch’s Mother: Courtney Iventosch

Midwife: Renée Lawlass-Orsini

Standby Elphaba: Carla Stickler

Standby Glinda: N/A

Ensemble: Lauren Boyd, Antonette Cohen, Rick Desloge, Luis Augusto Figueroa, Timothy A. Fitz-Gerald, Napoleon W. Gladney, Courtney Iventosch, Trevor Ryan Krahl, Renée Lawless-Orsini, Michael Mahany, Kevin McMahon, Ashley Dawn Mortensen, Cassie Okenka, Christopher Russo, Adea Michelle Sessoms, Sarah Schenkkan, Pamela Shandrow, Ben Susak, Mikey Winslow

Elphaba Understudy: Ashley Dawn Mortensen

Glinda Understudies: Sarah Schenkkan, Cassie Okenka

Fiyero Understudies: Timothy A. Fitz-Gerald, Michael Mahany

The Wizard Understudies: Christopher Russo, Kevin McMahon

Madame Morrible Understudies: Renée Lawless-Orsini, Pamela Shandrow

Nessarose Understudies: Carla Stickler, Brenda Hamilton

Boq Understudies: Rick Desloge, Mikey Winslow

Dr. Dillamond Understudies: Christopher Russo, Kevin McMahon

Chistery Understudies: Spencer Jones, Phillip Dean Lightstone, Todd Anderson, Nicky Venditti

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official Understudies: Christopher Russo, Phillip Dean Lightstone

Witch’s Mother Understudies: Marissa Lupp, Shanna VanDerwerker, Kelly Lafarga

Midwife Understudies: Brenda Hamilton, Marissa Lupp, Shanna VanDerwerker, Tess Ferrell, Kelly Lafarga

Swings: Brenda Hamilton, Spencer Jones, Marissa Lupp

Dance Captains: Phillip Dean Lightstone, Shanna VanDerwerker

{Source Innuendo & Outuendo}

Wicked First National Touring Company Currently playing in Honolulu, HI through January 12, 2013 and moves to San Francisco, CA from January 23 to February 17, 2013.


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Buy Tickets to see Wicked!

Buy Tickets to see Wicked!