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WICKED Musical currently playing on tour in Toronto, ON (till July 21) and moves to Denver, CO (from July 24)

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Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Wicked musical tour visiting Denver in July 2024. The beloved musical is continuing its North American tour and stops in Denver for the performances at the Temple Buell Theatre for five weeks from July 24 to Aug 25, 2024.

Long before Dorothy from Kansas arrives in Munchkinland, two girls meet in the Land of Oz. One born with emerald green skin is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. The musical follow how these two girls grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Good Witch of the East.

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Wicked The Buell Theatre Schedule:
Tuesdays – 7:30 PM
Wednesdays – 7:30 PM
Thursdays – 7:30 PM
Fridays – 7:30 PM
Saturdays – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Sundays – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM

Wicked, the Broadway sensation, looks at what happened in the Land of Oz…but from a different angle. Long before Dorothy arrives, there is another young woman, born with emerald-green skin—smart, fiery, misunderstood, and possessing an extraordinary talent. When she meets a bubbly blonde who is exceptionally popular, their initial rivalry turns into the unlikeliest of friendships…until the world decides to call one “good,” and the other one “wicked.”

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Wicked musical arrives in Denver Colorado July 24 and continues through Aug 25, 2024. Secure your Wicked Temple Buell Theatre Tickets in Advance for better seats at the best price online.

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Wicked Musical will be returning to The Buell Theatre, Denver from June 03 to July 05, 2015 as a part of the Denver Center 2014/15 season. Wicked Denver CO Tickets are Selling Online, Hurry to get your’s now.

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“Wicked” is a musical set before the events of “The Wizard of Oz.” The musical was adapted from the novel “Wicked: The Life and Times Of the Wicked Witch of the West.” Wicked is recommended for children 8 and older; no child under age 4 will be admitted to the show.

Wicked Buell Theatre Schedule:
Wednesday 6/3/2015 – 7:30 PM
Thursday 6/4/2015 – 7:30 PM
Friday 6/5/2015 – 7:30 PM
Saturday 6/6/2015 – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Sunday 6/7/2015 – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Tuesday 6/9/2015 – 7:30 PM
Wednesday 6/10/2015 – 7:30 PM
Thursday 6/11/2015 – 7:30 PM
Friday 6/12/2015 – 7:30 PM
Saturday 6/13/2015 – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Sunday 6/14/2015 – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Tuesday 6/16/2015 – 7:30 PM
Wednesday 6/17/2015 – 7:30 PM
Thursday 6/18/2015 – 7:30 PM
Friday 6/19/2015 – 7:30 PM
Saturday 6/20/2015 – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Sunday 6/21/2015 – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Tuesday 6/23/2015 – 7:30 PM
Wednesday 6/24/2015 – 7:30 PM
Thursday 6/25/2015 – 7:30 PM
Friday 6/26/2015 – 7:30 PM
Saturday 6/27/2015 – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Sunday 6/28/2015 – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Tuesday 6/30/2015 – 7:30 PM
Wednesday 7/1/2015 – 7:30 PM
Thursday 7/2/2015 – 7:30 PM
Friday 7/3/2015 – 7:30 PM
Saturday 7/4/2015 – 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
Sunday 7/5/2015 – 1:00 PM and 6:30 PM

Wicked Denver CO Tickets are on sale now Online for the return engagement which runs from June 03 to July 05, 2015 . Secure your Wicked The Buell Theatre Tickets in Advance for better seats at the best price online.

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Wicked is currently performing on tour in Denver, CO and at Buell Theatre Still Stands Strong. Wicked Cast: Starring Mamie Parris, Alli Mauzey, Andy Kelso, Liz McCartney, Emily Ferranti, Paul Slade Smith, Mark Jacoby and Justin Brill. Here is the review by Lisa Kennedy @ Denver Post Theater Critic.

“Wicked” is an outcast tale, a female friendship parable, a story of corruption and chicanery by authorities we — rather the denizens of the Emerald City — put our trust in. It is a wry reconsideration of good (is it overrated?) and evil (is it misunderstood?) — or at least L. Frank Baum’s version of that eternal tussle found in his classic novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

On opening night this production, starring Mamie Parris and Alli Mauzey, was quick-witted, generous and deft with the laughs, of which there are many. Still, I couldn’t help wishing for a better blend of the tender and the hilarious.

Parris and Mauzey portray Elphaba and Galinda. Eventually, Galinda adopts her better-known moniker, Glinda. Elphaba will claim her name, her fame or infamy, as the Wicked Witch of the West. Parris has a rich voice that fills out Elphaba’s sorrow and youthful angst. Mauzey brings stop-on-a-dime comedic timing to Galinda’s antics. She’s a tireless, rapid-fire trouper.

“Wicked” wastes little time in evoking one of the more indelible images of the movie, with winged monkeys climbing above the stage. But memories of Dorothy Gale, Kansas and Oz are quickly turned topsy turvy. The sets are evocative: spectacle without the clutter.

As the play opens, Glinda confirms the Wicked Witch of the West’s death by water bucket. “Wicked” then unfolds as a flashback about how the two came to know each other.

The Green and the Good meet when they arrive at Shiz University. The jade-hued daughter of the Munchkin governor has been sent to school ostensibly to keep an eye on her wheelchair-bound, fair-haired younger sister, Nessarose (Emily Ferranti). There is antagonism at first sight, then a tentative friendship and, later, something of a competing love interest in popular guy Fiyero (Andy Kelso, a graduate of Aurora’s Eaglecrest High School), who turns out to be deeper than his deep pockets.

Elphaba is gifted and the school’s Madame Morrible sees it and seizes upon it. The youngster’s talent might even get her an audience with the Wizard (Mark Jacoby). Liz McCartney as the full-figured doyen of the school takes to her role with a brassy aplomb.

Paul Slade Smith makes Dr. Dillamond touching as a horned professor soon to become a target. The rules are changing in Oz, and magical animals are no longer appreciated.

Three songs have approached classic status. This despite the critical ink spilled since the play’s 2003 debut debating whether the musical has any memorable tunes. A great many reviews said no, but then critics are used to losing arguments with audiences.

Read the complete review {Via}

Wicked Musical will play through Sunday, May 20 at the Buell Theatre, 1101 13th St. Get $10 OFF on Wicked Denver CO Ticket Orders of $350 or more by using code #SpringSavings at Checkout.

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

CBS4 Critic at Large Greg Moody believes it’s the perfect blend that keeps audiences coming back or those who haven’t seen it, want to see it for the first time.

Watch his report below – Video:

Wicked arrived Denver for the fourth time, currently playing at Temple Buell Theatre through May 20. Get $10 OFF on Wicked Denver CO Ticket Orders of $350 or more by using code #SpringSavings at Checkout.

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Buy Tickets to see Wicked!

Buy Tickets to see Wicked!