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Sunday, January 6th, 2013

The Fox has announced that Wicked Musical, now in its 4th visit to St. Louis, has set two significant box office records during this engagement.

One Week Gross: The show, which opened December 12th and runs through January 6th, broke its own one week gross mark at The Fox by taking in $2,755,070 for the week ending December 30th. That’s the largest amount for one week of any musical to ever play The Fabulous Fox Theatre.

Biggest Gross for one Week of Performances: It is also the biggest gross for one week of performances of any touring musical ever in North America.

Wicked closes in Saint Louis, MO on January 06, 2013 6:30PM Show. From here it will move to Tampa, FL from January 09 to January 27, 2013.

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Wicked 2nd National Touring Company – Current Cast

Elphaba: Christine Dwyer

Glinda: Jeanna de Waal

Fiyero: Billy Harrigan Tighe

The Wizard: Paul Kreppel

Madame Morrible: Gina Ferrall

Nessarose: Zarah Mahler

Boq: Michael Wartella

Dr. Dillamond: Jay Russell

Chistery: Dashí Mitchell

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official: Wayne Schroder

Witch’s Mother: Kerry Blanchard

Midwife: Jane Brockman

Standby Elphaba: Alyssa Fox

Standby Glinda: N/A

Ensemble: Kerry Blanchard, Jane Brockman, Bridie Carroll, Michael Drolet, Anna Eilinsfeld, Ryan Patrick Farrell, Samantha Farrow, Natalie Fotopoulous, Zach Hensler, Joel Ingram, Jillian Kates, Sam Lips, Marissa Miller, Dashí Mitchell, Amy Quanbeck, Jay Reynolds Jr., Wayne Schroder, Justin Wirick

Elphaba Understudy: Anna Eilinsfeld

Glinda Understudy: Marissa Miller, Jillian Kates

Fiyero Understudies: Sam Lips, Joel Ingram

The Wizard Understudies: Peter C. Ermides, Wayne Schroder

Madame Morrible Understudies: Jane Brockman, Bridie Carroll

Nessarose Understudies: Lauren Haughton, Anna Eilinsfeld

Boq Understudies: Michael Drolet, Jay Reynolds Jr.

Dr. Dillamond Understudies: Peter C. Ermides, Wayne Schroder

Chistery Understudies: Ryan Partrick Farrell, Ryan Jackson, Dominic Giudici, Todd Anderson, Kevin Jordan

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official Understudies: Peter C. Ermides, Joel Ingram

Witch’s Mother Understudies: Sterling Masters, Becca Kloha, Kelly Lafarga

Midwife Understudies: Lauren Haughton, Sterling Masters, Becca Kloha, Tess Ferrell, Kelly Lafarga

Swings: Peter C. Ermides, Lauren Haughton, Ryan Jackson, Becca Kloha

Dance Captains/Swings: Dominic Giudici, Sterling Masters

{Source Innuendo & Outuendo}

Wicked 2nd National Touring Company Currently playing in Saint Louis, MO through January 06, 2013 and moves to Tampa, FL from January 09 to January 27, 2013.

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Wicked 1st National Touring Company – Current Cast

Elphaba: Dee Roscioli

Glinda: Patti Murin

Fiyero: Cliffton Hall

The Wizard: Tom McGowan

Madame Morrible: Kim Zimmer

Nessarose: Demaree Hill

Boq: Justin Brill

Dr. Dillamond: Clifton Davis

Chistery: Ben Susak

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official: Kevin McMahon

Witch’s Mother: Courtney Iventosch

Midwife: Renée Lawlass-Orsini

Standby Elphaba: Carla Stickler

Standby Glinda: N/A

Ensemble: Lauren Boyd, Antonette Cohen, Rick Desloge, Luis Augusto Figueroa, Timothy A. Fitz-Gerald, Napoleon W. Gladney, Courtney Iventosch, Trevor Ryan Krahl, Renée Lawless-Orsini, Michael Mahany, Kevin McMahon, Ashley Dawn Mortensen, Cassie Okenka, Christopher Russo, Adea Michelle Sessoms, Sarah Schenkkan, Pamela Shandrow, Ben Susak, Mikey Winslow

Elphaba Understudy: Ashley Dawn Mortensen

Glinda Understudies: Sarah Schenkkan, Cassie Okenka

Fiyero Understudies: Timothy A. Fitz-Gerald, Michael Mahany

The Wizard Understudies: Christopher Russo, Kevin McMahon

Madame Morrible Understudies: Renée Lawless-Orsini, Pamela Shandrow

Nessarose Understudies: Carla Stickler, Brenda Hamilton

Boq Understudies: Rick Desloge, Mikey Winslow

Dr. Dillamond Understudies: Christopher Russo, Kevin McMahon

Chistery Understudies: Spencer Jones, Phillip Dean Lightstone, Todd Anderson, Nicky Venditti

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official Understudies: Christopher Russo, Phillip Dean Lightstone

Witch’s Mother Understudies: Marissa Lupp, Shanna VanDerwerker, Kelly Lafarga

Midwife Understudies: Brenda Hamilton, Marissa Lupp, Shanna VanDerwerker, Tess Ferrell, Kelly Lafarga

Swings: Brenda Hamilton, Spencer Jones, Marissa Lupp

Dance Captains: Phillip Dean Lightstone, Shanna VanDerwerker

{Source Innuendo & Outuendo}

Wicked First National Touring Company Currently playing in Honolulu, HI through January 12, 2013 and moves to San Francisco, CA from January 23 to February 17, 2013.

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Wicked Broadway Musical Lead the list with grosses $2,947,172 and had an attendance rate of 100.0%, about 7.2% more than that of the previous week. The 31 shows on the boards grossed $37,441,497, improving around 30.96% from the previous week’s totals.

Below are the Top 13 Grosses from for the week ending December 30, 2012.

1. Wicked – (GERSHWIN) $2,947,172
2. Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark – (FOXWOODS) $2,716,990
3. The Lion King – (MINSKOFF) $2,666,616
4. The Book Of Mormon – (EUGENE O’NEILL) $2,158,595
5. Annie – (PALACE) $2,054,848
6. The Phantom Of The Opera – (MAJESTIC) $1,751,458
7. A Christmas Story – (LUNT-FONTANNE) $1,558,922
8. Evita – (MARQUIS) $1,548,991
9. Mary Poppins – (NEW AMSTERDAM) $1,487,252
10. Once – (JACOBS) $1,446,088
11. Mamma Mia! – (WINTER GARDEN) $1,439,211
12. Newsies – (NEDERLANDER) $1,396,734
13. Jersey Boys – (AUGUST WILSON) $1,367,678


Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Wicked West End Company – Current Cast:

Elphaba: Louise Dearman

Glinda: Gina Beck

Fiyero: Ben Freeman

The Wizard: Keith Bartlett

Madame Morrible: Louise Plowright

Nessarose: Katie Rowley Jones

Boq: Sam Lupton

Dr. Dillamond: Christopher Howell

Chistery: Paulo Teixeira

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official: Stuart Ramsay

Witch’s Mother: Lindsay Taylor

Midwife: Tania Mathurin

Standby Elphaba: Hayley Gallivan

Standby Glinda: Lucy van Gasse

Ensemble: Florence Andrews, Gemma Atkins, William Bozier, Philip Catchpole, Aisling Duffy, Emma Green, Chlöe Hart, Robert Jones, Tania Mathurin, Marc McBride, Stacey McGuire, Tom Muggeridge, Michelle Pentecost, Stuart Ramsay, Lindsay Taylor, Paulo Teixeira, Oliver Watton, Jason Winter

Elphaba Understudy: Michelle Pentecost, Katie Rowley Jones

Glinda Understudy: Sophie Linder-Lee, Florence Andrews

Fiyero Understudy: Oliver Watton, Jason Winter

The Wizard Understudy: Christopher Howell, Stuart Ramsay

Madame Morrible Understudy: Tania Mathurin, Jacqueline Hughes

Nessarose Understudy: Gemma Atkins, Florence Andrews

Boq Understudy: Marc McBride, Paulo Teixeira

Dr. Dillamond Understudy: Stuart Ramsay, Oliver Brenin, Sean Parkins

Chistery Understudy: Sean Parkins, Matt Turner

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official Understudy: Oliver Brenin, Justin Thomas

Witch’s Mother Understudy: Hannah Toy, Emma Green, Lauren Brooke

Midwife Understudy: Jacqueline Hughes, Sophie Linder-Lee

Swings: Oliver Brenin, Lauren Brooke, Jacqueline Hughes, Sophie Linder-Lee, Justin Thomas, Matt Turner

Dance Captains: Sean Parkins, Hannah Toy

{Source: Innuendo & Outuendo}

Wicked Musical at Apollo Victoria Theatre is a Standing Production. Buy Wicked London United Kingdom Tickets Online.

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Wicked Broadway Company – Current Cast:

Elphaba: Jackie Burns

Glinda: Alli Mauzey

Fiyero: Kyle Dean Massey

The Wizard: Adam Grupper

Madame Morrible: Randy Danson

Nessarose: Catherine Charlebois

Boq: F. Michael Haynie

Dr. Dillamond: Tom Flynn

Chistery: Mark Shunky

Witch’s Father/Ozian Official: Michael DeVries

Witch’s Mother: Kristen Gorski-Wergeles

Midwife: Kathy Santen

Standby Elphaba: Donna Vivino

Standby Glinda: Tiffany Haas

Ensemble: Nova Bergeron, Jerad Bortz, Kristina Fernandez, Kristen Gorski-Wergeles, David Hull, Jesse J.P. Johnson, Brandon Leffler, Colby Q. Lindeman, Jonathan McGill, Vicki Noon, Lindsay K. Northen, Rhea Patterson, Eddie Pendergraft, Alexander Quiroga, Kathy Santen, Adam Sanford, Michael DeVries, Mark Shunkey, Heather Spore, Brian Wanee, Betsy Werbel, Robin Wilner

Elphaba Understudy: Vicki Noon

Glinda Understudy: Lindsay K. Northen, Heather Spore

Fiyero Understudy: Jerad Bortz

The Wizard Understudy: Brian Munn, Michael DeVries

Madame Morrible Understudy: Kathy Santen, Betsy Werbel

Nessarose Understudy: Alicia Albright, Jenny Florkowski

Boq Understudy: Eddie Pendergraft, Jesse J.P. Johnson

Dr. Dillamond Understudy: Brian Munn, Michael DeVries

Chistery Understudy: Jonathan Warren, Brian Wanee, Kevin Jordan, Todd Anderson, Nicky Venditti

Witch’s Father/Ozian Offical Understudy: Brian Munn, Alexander Quiroga

Witch’s Mother Understudy: Robin Wilner, Alicia L. Albright, Kelly Lafarga

Midwife Understudy: Robin Wilner, Alicia L. Albright, Jenny Florkowski, Tess Ferrell, Kelly Lafarga

Swings: Brian Munn, Jenny Florkowski

Dance Captains: Alicia L. Albright, Jonathan Warren

{Source: Innuendo & Outuendo}

Wicked Broadway is a standing production at Gershwin Theatre. Buy Wicked New York Broadway Tickets Online – SAVE $10 when you spend $350 or more, Use code AFF$10.

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Wicked Musical currently Stops in Honolulu HI for almost 7-week run. Wicked will be performing at Neal S. Blaisdell Center Concert Hall through January 12, 2013. Wicked musical play at Neal S. Blaisdell Center – Concert Hall reviewed by RUTH BINGHAM as ““Wicked” works magic”. Here is the review:

“Wicked” the musical is a better, tighter story than Gregory Maguire’s novel, which composer Stephen Schwartz and author Winnie Holzman rewrote so that it works on multiple levels.

In the novel, the story is launched by a hurdy-gurdy man’s mechanical “razzle-dazzle spectacle” that comes to town to lead good citizens astray: “Wicked” the musical is that spectacle. We, the good citizens of Honolulu, assemble to see the novelty, a trained money cranks open the curtain, the mechanical Clock of the Time Dragon roars, and the fantasy begins.

The musical takes place wholly within the book’s Clock of the Time Dragon; it begins as a “once-upon-a-time” flashback from a point we thought we knew, but ends by sending us back into our world without returning to the starting point so that we carry the story with us as we leave.

On reflection, “Wicked” is a dark tale, on one level a morality play about good and evil, but it is told with humor and a happy Hollywood ending, making it suitable and enchanting for audiences of all ages. Part of its magic is that people experience the tale differently and walk away with different lessons, so no spoilers here — you have to experience it for yourself.

That said, “Wicked” will be the shortest three hours you’ve ever spent in a theater — it covers a lot of ground during that time. Like its structural forefather, Baz Luhrman’s “Moulin Rouge,” almost every line is a reference, and every twist and turn of its very dense plot is delivered in only a phrase or two, making every word essential.

“Wicked’s” pit orchestra — 15 musicians, nine hired locally — provide an almost subconscious flow, carrying the drama along. The production is at such a high level overall that when minor issues with balancing sound intruded during a performance last weekend, they fortunately passed quickly.

Read the complete review {Via}

Wicked musical will be in Honolulu HI through January 12, 2013. Buy Wicked Neal S. Blaisdell Center – Concert Hall Tickets Online – SAVE $10 when you spend $350 or more, Use code AFF$10.

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